Full Access Application & Agreement

Now that you have completed your self-assessment and checked off the items on your to-do list, we invite you to submit your application for full access to our toolkit. Here you will learn how to replicate this program step-by-step. We have included comprehensive details from the theories that guide our practice, to data collection and program sustainability.

Please direct any questions to Keren Rohena, Destination Graduation Manager, at Keren.Rohena@hfuw.org or (407) 429-2156

Section I: Basic Information


Section I: Basic Information Continue

  1. Partnership Organizations:

Section II: Partnership Community Agreement

Entered into between (Partner Community) and the Heart of Florida United Way, this Contract of Agreement defines the responsibility of Heart of Florida United Way and its Partner Communities (including collaborative partners) that have developed a committee and completed the self-assessment for the full access use of the SunTrust Destination: Graduation Toolkit.

  1. Both Heart of Florida United Way and the Partner Community agrees:
    1. To cooperate and coordinate actively with each other in addressing the postsecondary persistence and completion needs across communities.
    2. To recognize and respect each other’s autonomy while working cooperatively in the best interests of each other and their respective communities.
  2. Heart of Florida United agrees:
    1. To provide full access to the web-based SunTrust Destination: Graduation Toolkit (available at no cost during SunTrust grant duration of 2018-2020).
    2. To maintain up-to-date and detailed records of best practices, lessons learned, templates and tools.
    3. Upon request, Heart of Florida United Way may elect to provide consultation and assistance for the Partner Community in the furtherance of its goals.
  3. The Partner Agency agrees:
    1. Branding Agreement

      In order to receive full access to the SunTrust Toolkit, the Heart of Florida United Way requires all partners to identify consistently, and for the duration of the partnership, as a Destination Graduation Partnership Community. This includes the display of Destination Graduation insignia on the Partner Community’s marketing materials, including print and digital materials, relevant publications and all other communications.

      Our goal is to create a network of participating communities who are designated Destination Graduation partnerships, focused on helping college students overcome nonacademic barriers to persistence.

    2. Data Sharing

      With the goal of measuring the effectiveness of our partnership communities, the Heart of Florida United Way is asking all partners to:

      • Complete and return a 6-month status update (template to be provided by Heart of Florida United Way).
      • Return a qualitative questionnaire on key milestones, lessons learned, and best practices (at 6 months).
      • In-depth data report. This may include number of students served, number of students awarded emergency aid, average and total award amounts, as well as outcomes data1 (One year from signing this agreement).
  4. Funding

    This agreement does not include the reimbursement of funds between the two parties.

  5. Term of Agreement

    The term of this agreement is (date signed) up to July 31, 2020 with annual renewal contingent on the Partner Community’s compliance with use of Destination Graduation branding and bi-annual and annual submission of data.

    This Agreement is entered into on the basis of mutual commitment to postsecondary persistence and success for the continued effective performance of the expected obligations of both parties. This agreement shall remain in force for the specified period above or until amended by Heart of Florida United Way. (Heart of Florida United Way reserves the right to amend this agreement at any time as it deems necessary.)

    Heart of Florida United Way reserves the right to monitor program data reporting and request additional information from the Partner Community with reasonable notice.

    Signatures are required from the Partner Community’s Higher Education Representative and Community Organization Representative. Each organization in the collaboration is subject to the terms of this agreement.

    By signing this agreement, the Partner Community agrees to meet and comply with all of Heart of Florida United Way’s branding and data sharing policies and procedures.

    The Agreement may be cancelled by either party upon written notice given no less than 90 days in advance of the effective date of cancellation.


Your application has been received by Heart of Florida united Way. We will review it and contact you within 10 business days to give full toolkit access. Again, if you have any questions please contact Jessica Kleinberger, Destination Graduation Manager, at Keren.Rohena@hfuw.org or (407) 429-2156.