replicate the program


Identify Best Practices

Read and learn about topics such as the talent gap, college completion barriers for low-income students, hunger, and homelessness in college. Ensure you have some knowledge about these issues and what is being done to address them. We recommend visiting: The Hope Center, Helios Education Foundation, Lumina Foundation, and National College Access Network.


identify target population and stakeholders

Finding Stakeholders: Identify the higher education institution (s), non-profit organization (s), and possible funders that would be interested in forming a partnership to advance college completion and contribute to talent development for the community. Think about colleges interested in improving their performance metrics, non-profits that have education and employment as one of their areas of interest, and potential corporations that also name higher education and employment as part of their social/corporate responsibility interests.


identify funds

Identify monies for program startup costs and student emergency funds.


convene a planning committee

Define Roles: Once you have identified your stakeholders, define your roles. Collectively, identify the tasks and contributions of each organization.

Define Criteria and Goals: Define what criteria students need to qualify for funding (income, Pell Grant eligibility, grades, definition of emergency/unexpected events, bills/things you would cover on their behalf). Define what you will measure as program success (re-enrollment, fall to fall retention, semester completion, graduation).


create a sustainability workgroup

Who will be responsible for identifying possible funders and donors? Who will work collectively in applying for grants and creating fund raising campaigns?


develop a memorandum of understanding

Detail responsibilities and data-sharing parameters of academic and nonprofit partners.


designate an on-campus working space

Reduce stigma and increase access for students to meet with DG navigators.


hire and train staff

Case managers and navigators who serve as the point of entry and support system throughout the program.


implement DG navigator and case management procedures

Establish policies and procedures to define the characteristics for success: continuity and consistency.

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